Jirongo Sensationally Claims Late Moi’s Regime Allowed Foreign Companies to Dump Toxic Waste in North Eastern Kenya


Jirongo Sensationally Claims Late Moi’s Regime Allowed Foreign Companies to Dump Toxic Waste in North Eastern Kenya

Former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo has sensationally accused the former president’s regime of allowing the dumping of toxic waste in the larger North Eastern Province.

Jirongo, a close ally of Moi who worked for the former president’s Kenya African National Union (KANU) party’s youth wing, revealed this during an interview with renowned scholar Prof. P.L.O. Lumumba on the Savage Politics segment of the Alfa House YouTube channel.


During the interview, Jirongo disclosed how his close linkage with KANU bigwigs helped him access classified information but also put him in danger.

He narrated how former KANU stalwart Nicholas Biwott’s lawyer, the late Jim Choge, once furnished him with classified information about the illegal dumping of toxic waste in the North Eastern Province.

Jirongo explained that he had confronted President Moi about this issue, stating, “I worked with Jim Choge, a lawyer for the late Nicholas Biwott. He visited my office and provided me with documents outlining the locations of toxic waste dumps in the country. In my stupidity, I took those documents and confronted President Daniel Moi.”

Admitting that it was the first time he publicly spoke about the matter, Jirongo claimed that he told Moi that people from the Ministry of Energy had deceived Kenyans in North Eastern that they were exploring oil deposits, but in reality, they were dumping dangerous waste in the region.

He further added, “I have never been in trouble like that because I was asked where I had gotten the documents.

He told me that I must say where I got the documents, or it would be the end of me.”

In the interview, Jirongo described how the late president quarreled with him for about 30 minutes and warned him never to share details of their conversation anywhere.

The former MP and presidential aspirant claimed that the president immediately shuffled the Energy Permanent Secretary as he engaged in conversation.

Jirongo later found out that the documents were given to him with a hidden motive to prove to the head of state that he had so much information about the regime, hence being a threat.

The revelation has unsettled North Eastern counties’ leaders, who have for years decried high cases of cancer attributed to environmental pollution and impurities in water.

Former Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow called for urgent government investigation into the claims, stating, “Leaders from the region have long suspected this and linked the huge number of cancer and other mysterious deaths in Garissa, Wajir, and Marsabit regions to possible dumping of toxic waste.”

Kerrow emphasized the need for an immediate investigation by international experts to locate the sites, determine the nature of the hazardous waste, and protect the environment and residents from further damage.

He also urged the government to hold the companies involved accountable, including government officials, and compensate the affected families.

The situation has prompted researchers to undertake numerous studies to probe the cause of increased cancer diagnoses and deaths in Meru, Garissa, Mandera, Marsabit, and Wajir counties.

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Jirongo Sensationally Claims Late Moi’s Regime Allowed Foreign Companies to Dump Toxic Waste in North Eastern Kenya



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