Kalonzo to lead Kenyans in boycotting Ruto leadership


Kalonzo to lead Kenyans in boycotting Ruto leadership

Wiper Democratic Movement party leader, Kalonzo Musyoka, criticized the Kenya Kwanza administration for the increasing cost of living and persistent allegations of depleted coffers.

Speaking at a gathering in Embu Town alongside other leaders from the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition, Kalonzo also criticized the government for its failure to fulfill campaign promises.

He accused the President William Ruto-led administration of neglecting the welfare of Kenyans, citing their disregard for human rights in addressing the high cost of living.


Kalonzo emphasized that Azimio will continue to vigorously demand accountability from the government regarding the soaring cost of living.

He noted that his counterparts in Kenya Kwanza were determined to address this issue during their discussions at Bomas.

Kalonzo urged both citizens and leaders to join efforts in combating greed, flawed policies, and corruption. He stated his intention to confront President Ruto and his administration well before the 2027 elections.

“’I will lead Kenyans who are already fed up with the regime who have thrived on lies and oppressing common mwananchi to register their dissatisfaction with the Ruto-led administration,” Kalonzo said.

He also criticized the government for using authoritarian measures, such as the requirement for parents to pay school fees via the eCitizen platform.

The former Vice President condemned the imposition of this payment method on parents and called for a reconsideration of the policy.

He advocated for a more consultative and inclusive decision-making process within the Ministry of Education, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing affordability and accessibility in education.

These comments coincide with the High Court’s decision on Tuesday to prolong the injunction against the government’s directive for parents to use the eCitizen platform for school fee payments.

Justice Chacha Mwita, in extending the orders, ruled that the government would not suffer any prejudice as a result.

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Kalonzo to lead Kenyans in boycotting Ruto leadership



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