Kalonzo will be the Azimio flag bearer, beat Ruto in 2027 – Senator Wambua


Kalonzo will be the Azimio flag bearer, Ruto in 2027 – Senator Wambua

The supporters of Kalonzo Musyoka, the leader of the Wiper party, assert that he is the most formidable candidate to challenge President William Ruto in the 2027 State House election.

Enoch Wambua, who holds a crucial role as Senate Deputy Minority Leader and is a key ally of Kalonzo, has announced that the former vice president will be the Azimio candidate in the upcoming elections.

“Kalonzo will be the Azimio-OKA presidential candidate in 2027 with the full backing of Baba Raila Odinga, President Uhuru Kenyatta, and the galaxy of Azimio-OKA principals,” he said in a statement.


This development may intensify the pressure on Kalonzo Musyoka and potentially lead to unrest within the Azimio coalition, particularly if Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, expresses his intention to compete against Ruto.

In a strongly critical statement against Ruto on Monday, the Kitui senator asserted that Kalonzo has proven capabilities not only to defeat Ruto but also to rectify the perceived ‘mess’ intentionally created by Ruto’s administration.

“In the race to defeat Ruto, we shall seek votes from all eligible voters in this country. So serious is this movement that I am asking President William Ruto to consider voting for Kalonzo to be Kenya’s president in the August 2027 presidential election,” he said.

He expressed that the Wiper party is committed to a mission, and they will actively show, through both words and actions, that Kalonzo is the ideal leader to assume control and address the challenges.

Wambua characterized Kalonzo as an upright, reliable, and incorruptible leader, asserting that Ruto would not be able to prevail in a fair presidential competition against him.

“Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka must be prepared and get ready to put Kenya on the path of national cohesion, political stability, and economic recovery,” he said.

Wambua emphasized that Kalonzo has demonstrated statesmanship by willingly forgoing his own presidential aspirations on three occasions since 2013.

“In 2022, Raila asked Kalonzo to not only drop his credible presidential bid but to go further and vacate the running mate slot. H.E. Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka did not disappoint,” he stated.

Wambua urged the Azimio coalition to take decisive action in the new year and collectively make significant progress towards establishing the next government to rescue Kenyans from what he described as the ‘clueless, inept, and incompetent’ Kenya Kwanza administration.

He emphasized that Azimio can no longer afford to ignore the reality that all the Azimio principals have an equal opportunity to defeat Ruto.

“We can no longer continue to pretend that all the Azimio-OKA principals stand an equal chance of beating Ruto on the ballot. I refuse to live in a make-believe world. We must confront our reality and deal with it today. Not tomorrow,” he said.

In his statement, Wambua criticized Ruto’s administration, characterizing it as a failed regime that has not effectively tackled critical issues affecting the Kenyan population. He pointed to the soaring cost of living and the Executive’s control over Parliament as some of the shortcomings and failures of the Ruto regime.

“When the masses step out in the streets and in villages all over the country to demand relief in the cost of living, no bullet or grenade or bomb will be strong enough to stop them,” he said.

In a clear sign that street protests over the high cost of living are imminent, Wambua asserted that Kenyans would be resolute and unstoppable in expressing their discontent.

“President Ruto and his inner circle, including the foreign bystanders in the suffering of the masses, can dismiss this as idle talk. The next phase of picketing will simply be unstoppable,” he said.

“Kenyans have already had enough of the empty promises by the KK regime. In fact, Kenyans are extremely frustrated by this regime. Kenyans can only judge President Ruto and the coterie of praise singers in his palace by their actions because their promises no longer mean anything.”

Wambua asserted that Parliament has been reduced to a mere puppet and conveyor belt, manipulated from a distance by the Executive.

“The Finance Act 2023 is a painful case in point; a thorn in the flesh of the masses. Almost every person, institution, and interest group that appeared before the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly sought a repeal of the proposed oppressive taxation.”

“But, riding on a manufactured tyranny of numbers, MPs allied to the Kenya Kwanza regime forced the Bill through Parliament, and the President assented it into law.”

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Kalonzo will be the Azimio candidate flag bearer, Ruto in 2027 – Senator Wambua



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