Kenya Halts Police Deployment to Haiti after PM Henry’s Resignation


Kenya Halts Police Deployment to Haiti after PM Henry’s Resignation

Kenya has temporarily suspended the deployment of 1,000 police personnel to address the issue of gang crimes in Haiti.

Principle Secretary for Foreign Affairs Korir Sing’oei states that the decision was made in response to the resignation of Haiti’s Prime Minister on Monday, March 11, 2024.

Sing’oei additionally asserted that the absence of a governmental administration in Haiti offers no foundation or support for the endeavour.


Kenya would postpone making any further decisions on the deployment until a recognised constitutional authority is installed.

“The deal they signed with the president still stands, although the deployment will not happen now because definitely, we will require a sitting government to also collaborate with,” an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, as seen in the NewYork Times.

“Because you don’t just deploy police to go on the Port-au-Prince streets without a sitting administration,” he added.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry stepped down as the leader of Haiti during a crisis meeting with the 15-member Caribbean Community regional organisation, CARICOM.

Additionally, the panel addressed the proposal to establish a presidential academy, which would be responsible for selecting a new interim prime minister to maintain stability.

“We acknowledge his resignation upon the establishment of a transitional presidential council and naming of an interim prime minister,” the president of Guyana and chairman of CARICOM Mohammed Irfaan Ali stated.

The Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kithure Kindiki has acknowledged that the Kenyan-led expedition to the Caribbean state is in the pre-deployment stage, despite court restrictions prohibiting the deployment. This confirmation comes one day after the announcement.

“There was a small court matter but it has been resolved. We are now in the pre-deployment stage all the other programs are in place,” Kindiki revealed.

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Kenya Halts Police Deployment to Haiti after PM Henry’s Resignation



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