Kenya Issues Demand to Tanzania After Elephant Trophy Hunting Blunder


Kenya Issues Demand to Tanzania After Elephant Trophy Hunting Blunder

Kenyan conservationists have urged Tanzania to revise its hunting regulations following the discovery of three dead elephants within Amboseli National Park.

Tanzania’s practice of granting trophy hunting licenses to affluent sports hunters has drawn criticism from Kenyan conservationists.

They advocate for Tanzania to limit the issuance of such licenses to safeguard Kenyan elephants. Leading this call for regulatory changes is Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku, who expressed his concerns during a recent briefing, stating it is inappropriate to permit trophy hunting near the Kenyan border.


In Kenya, elephant management policies significantly differ from those in Tanzania; while Tanzania permits selective hunting, Kenya strictly prohibits hunting activities.

Additionally, Kenya heavily relies on tourism as a major source of foreign exchange, supporting millions of jobs in the sector.

Conversely, Tanzania imposes fees ranging between Ksh1.3 million and Ksh2.6 million for individuals interested in engaging in trophy hunting.

These fees are divided between the government and local communities if the hunting takes place within conservation areas managed by local groups.

Governor Ole Lenku recently disclosed that three elephants have fallen victim to ongoing trophy hunting in Tanzania.

He emphasized the urgent need for increased vigilance and decisive action to uphold conservation efforts in the region.

The governor highlighted the distressing breach of established conservation agreements, stating, “In the past few months, three of these revered elephants have tragically fallen victim to trophy hunting within Tanzania, signaling a distressing breach of the established conservation agreement.”

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Kenya Issues Demand to Tanzania After Elephant Trophy Hunting Blunder



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