Kenyans Roast Kimani Ichung’wah for Economic Remarks Contradictions


Kenyans Roast Kimani Ichung’wah for Economic Remarks Contradictions

Kikuyu Member of Parliament Kimani Ichung’wah faced criticism from Kenyans on Sunday through to Monday following his remarks reiterating that the Kenyan economy was unstable.

Ichung’wah, who was appealing to doctors to return to work, maintained that the economy was unstable, and therefore, the government was unable to meet their demands.

Speaking in Nyeri on Sunday, the MP urged doctors to endure the current situation until the economy stabilized, highlighting that the prolonged strike was disrupting service delivery in public hospitals.


He stated that he pleaded with all medical professionals to call off the strike and allow for dialogue, giving the government a chance for the economy to grow from its current state.

However, Kenyans swiftly criticized the MP for the controversial remark, especially considering his previous praise for President William Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua for stabilizing the economy.

Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai also accused the Leader of the Majority at the National Assembly of speaking in contradictions.

Alai remarked, “Economy wasn’t performing great? I thought they were bragging how great they were performing.”

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A segment of Kenyans accused the Kenya Kwanza politicians of dishonesty regarding the economy when it suited the government’s agenda.

They contended that the MP’s complaint about the economy was merely a justification for the government’s decision not to increase salaries as requested.

Additionally, Kenyans dismissed the claim of an ‘unstable economy’ from Ichung’wah, noting that they were paying more taxes than before.

Many emphasized that the revenue could be allocated to essential operations such as paying doctors instead of reintroducing Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) positions.

One Kenyan remarked, “The economy is unstable now but when it comes to political rallies, it is stable,” referring to Ichung’wah’s previous remarks attacking the previous regime.

Kenyans urged the government to cease making excuses and to pay doctors and teachers, who play crucial roles in society.

President Ruto was also urged to eliminate corrupt leaders who seize land parcels and embezzle development funds, leaving Kenyans in a crisis.

Additionally, some Kenyans criticized the hypocrisy of slashing doctors’ salaries while politicians pocket millions, including hefty allowances each month.

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Kenyans Roast Kimani Ichung’wah for Economic Remarks Contradictions



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