Kericho Senator Cheruiyot Labels One-Man-One-Vote-One-Shilling Discussion ‘Useless’


Kericho Senator Cheruiyot Labels One-Man-One-Vote-One-Shilling Discussion ‘Useless’

In a heated exchange of views, Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot has labeled the ongoing debate over the one-man-one-vote-one-shilling formula as “useless,” arguing that it is not the right time for such a discussion.

Cheruiyot, speaking in Bomet on Sunday, emphasized that the Senate, which is responsible for determining the revenue formula, should be trusted to handle this matter through its mandated oversight role.


Cheruiyot’s Stand on the Debate

“In my opinion, that is a very useless conversation because there is a better time for the conversation. The Senate does the revenue formula; the current formula was done with the Senate four years ago,” Cheruiyot stated. He pointed out that the Senate took ten arduous weeks to pass the current generational formula, which was accomplished amidst significant challenges.

Cheruiyot urged political leaders to refrain from causing unnecessary panic among the public with heated exchanges. “The ongoing exchange of words and side-taking is hot air; the final decision will be made in the Parliament. There is no need of fighting at all,” he added, reinforcing that the parliamentary process would ultimately resolve the issue.

Senate’s Role and Responsibility

Cheruiyot reiterated that the Senate had not failed in its oversight role and that discussions about the revenue-sharing formula would be held within the Senate as part of its duties. He emphasized that the objective is to develop a formula that ensures no Kenyan is discriminated against, highlighting the Senate’s ongoing commitment to fair resource allocation.

Raila Odinga’s Support for the Formula

Adding a twist to the debate, opposition leader Raila Odinga has expressed support for the one-man-one-vote-one-shilling initiative. Raila believes that the formula has been misinterpreted and insists that it is the best approach to ensure equitable resource sharing across the country.

The contrasting views between Cheruiyot and Raila Odinga signify a deepening divide on how best to achieve fair distribution of resources, a topic that continues to generate significant debate across Kenya.

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Kericho Senator Cheruiyot Labels One-Man-One-Vote-One-Shilling Discussion ‘Useless’



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