Kimani Ichung’wa Discloses Gov’t Plans To Combat Corruption In Judiciary


Kimani Ichung’wa Discloses Gov’t Plans To Combat Corruption In Judiciary

The Majority Leader of the National Assembly and Kikuyu Member of Parliament, Kimani Ichung’wa, has disclosed the government’s intentions to eliminate corrupt individuals within the Judiciary.

Despite recognizing the overall effective and constitutional operation of the Judiciary, Ichung’wa expressed concern about a limited number of corrupt officials within the institution, emphasizing that their illicit activities are negatively impacting the reputation of the judiciary.

“The performance of the judiciary in its entirety is okay but there are challenges. It is not a blanket condemnation of the Judiciary because there are many good judicial officers and the President and I spoke about judiciary officers, not the entire judiciary,” Ichung’wa told the Nation.


“When we say that we shall not just speak about corruption but we shall act, that does not exclude officers from the Judiciary that are corrupt. Those judicial officers shall fall. No one is immune to the fight against corruption.”

In addition, the Kikuyu Member of Parliament criticized the alleged misconduct of corrupt judiciary officers, claiming that they have exceeded their authority. He pointed out instances of what he views as judicial overreach, where the government asserts that appropriate legal frameworks were already in place.

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Furthermore, he accused the judges of collaborating with cartels to impede the development initiatives of the Kenya Kwanza movement.

“It is not just those two cases of Housing Levy and Universal Health Care. Remember the housing one is the matter that is carried in the Finance Act case that is already in court. The court found that there are certain issues that the government or Parliament needed to create better legal anchorage on, especially around the operationalisation of the Act,” he said.

“We advertised for public participation. So is the universal health cover that someone has gone to court to stop regulations of UHC. What else would you call that other than judicial overreach?”

When questioned about identifying the corrupt elements within the Judiciary, Ichung’wa expressed hesitancy to delve into discussions about specific judges or individuals within the government branch.

“I shall not get into discussing individual judges. I have only stated a fact that there is corruption within the Judiciary just like there could be corruption in other institutions,” he said.

“Anybody within the three arms of government who is engaging in corrupt activities has everything to be afraid of because it will catch up with you, because it will not just be a talk about the fight against corruption.”

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Kimani Ichung’wa Discloses Gov’t Plans To Combat Corruption In Judiciary



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