Kipsigis Elders Apologize to Ruto for Heckling Incidents


Kipsigis Elders Apologize to Ruto for Heckling Incidents

The Myoot Kipsigis Council of Elders extended an apology to President William Ruto regarding incidents where elected leaders faced heckling at events in Bomet and Kericho counties.

Richard Ngeno, the chairman of Myoot, conveyed the apology on behalf of the Kipsigis community and sought forgiveness from President Ruto.

He also urged for the release of those who were arrested in connection with the heckling incidents.

This apology came following a meeting with local leaders, attended by figures such as Senator Aron Cheruiyot, Kericho Governor Dr. Eric Mutai, and National Assembly members Hillary Koskei and Joseph Cherorot.


Furthermore, a joint meeting between the council and church leaders has been planned to organize a visit to the president, during which the group intends to present their apology directly to the head of state.

ACK Kericho Diocese Bishop Arnest Ngeno emphasized that they prayed for elected leaders and pledged to work towards ending heckling at events. He stated, “Elected leaders are God-given.

As a church, we cannot sit back and watch elected leaders being humiliated and heckled by some misadvised youths.”

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The incidents of heckling occurred during the president’s visit to Kericho county to inaugurate the affordable housing program.

A group of individuals, purportedly hired, heckled Kericho Governor Eric Mutai during the event.

Similarly, in Bomet, Governor Hillary Barchok encountered difficulty addressing a gathering at an event attended by President Ruto, where heckling also took place.

In summary, the Myoot Kipsigis Council of Elders expressed regret over the disruptions faced by elected leaders and sought reconciliation with President Ruto.

They emphasized the importance of respecting elected officials and announced efforts to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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Kipsigis Elders Apologize to Ruto for Heckling Incidents



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