Kisii DG Robert Monda makes one last effort to save his political career


Kisii DG Robert Monda makes one last effort to save his political career

Deputy Governor Robert Monda of Kisii commenced his legal defence against his impeachment on Tuesday.

Late Tuesday, the lawyers for him announced that they had petitioned for ex parte hearings before Judge Teresa Odera of the Kisii Law Courts.

“Yes we did the filing and the judge granted March 26, 2024, as the hearing date,” stated Wilkins Achoki one of the two lawyers representing Dr Monda.


In addition, Katwa Kigeni is representing Monda.

Tuesday, in court documents, Judge Odera ordered that the aforementioned documents be served to the pertinent parties prior to the hearing.

” I have carefully considered the application dated 18th,03,2024 ex-parte. The same be served. The interparte hearing set 26th, 03,2024 at 10 am,” stated Odera.

Monda is making one last effort to save his political career after the Senate, following two days of deliberations, upheld his impeachment.

The Senate returned the Deputy Governor home on the basis of evidence presented regarding the allegations that he accepted a bribe of Sh800,000 from Dennis Mokaya in exchange for a commercial manager position at the Gusii Water and Sanitation Company. Mokaya had made the payment in question.

Among other allegations, he was alleged to have instigated the arrest and detention of his brother, Reuben Monda, for the act of felling trees on the family property.

By Thursday of this week, Kisii County Governor Simba Arati is anticipated to publish a vacancy notice in an effort to fill his position.

When the position of deputy governor becomes vacant, the constitution grants governors the authority to appoint new candidates to succeed their deputies within a period of fourteen days.

It is effective when the Deputy has passed away in office, resigned, or been impeached.

The County Assembly will then have a sixty-day period to grant approval to the nominees.

Afterwards, the oath is administered to the appointed officials.

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Kisii DG Robert Monda makes one last effort to save his political career



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