Kisii Governor Simba Arati claims his life is in danger


Kisii Governor Simba Arati claims his life is in danger

Governor Simba Arati from Kisii has asserted that there is a conspiracy by his opponents to poison him.

He alleges that individuals opposed to his leadership approach are seeking his demise.

Arati further contends that the motive behind this assassination plot is his successful efforts in closing corruption loopholes.

“This plot to have me poisoned snowballed from a hatched plan to impeach me and now that they have failed, they now want to poison me ” Arati said Wednesday evening.

He made these remarks at Nyabisia Primary in Bobasi, Masige East during a initiation ceremony financially supported by the local Ward Representative, Jacob Bagaka. Around 550 boys underwent the initiation into adulthood as part of the event.


In response, Bagaka emphasized the need for government funding for circumcision.

He expressed concern over the persistent neglect of the boy child in the country, particularly in comparison to the ongoing initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being of girls.

“Let’s get more intentional about the boy child. Even as we reach out to our girls, let’s do something for our boys too,” said Bagaka.

Governor Arati was invited to preside over the event. During his attendance, he asserted that the alleged plot to impeach him seemed to have faltered, as the majority of Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) pledged their commitment to stand by him and not support the impeachment effort.

“There is a big politician, and you already know him, who sits somewhere to plot such a dirty game. He will not succeed,” Arati stated.

Arati mentioned that he has already experienced a loss of crucial supporters to a gang supported by the same politician.

According to him, at least three of his backers have been brutally attacked and killed by this particular gang.

“Why do you butcher youth with young families to fend for? If you’re targeting me am here, just come but not young people being depended on by young children just accept am the governor now,” Arati stated

In a separate address, he urged residents to cease the practice of female genital mutilation among girls. Governor Arati emphasized that this ritual deprives women of the opportunity to fully enjoy their marriages, and he called for an end to such harmful traditions.

Concerning malaria control, Arati revealed that his administration intends to distribute three mosquito nets to each household in all 45 Wards. Additionally, plans are underway to increase the bursary allocation from Sh 3 million to Sh 5 million for each ward.

In the realm of infrastructure, Arati announced that over 400 km of roads would be completed by February. He urged local chiefs to assist in dealing with those responsible for damaging roads in the villages.

Highlighting his achievements, Arati noted the completion of 108 Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) classes, with plans for an additional 145 to be completed in the coming months.

As the holiday season approached, Arati appealed to parents to nurture their daughters with proper discipline.

“We must have honest conversations on these issues so that we can raise a children society,” said Arati.

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Kisii Governor Simba Arati claims his life is in danger



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