Machakos plans expansion of municipal boundaries


Machakos plans expansion of municipal boundaries

In a bid to enhance service delivery and foster development, Machakos County is considering elevating four major towns to municipal status.

Spearheading this initiative is a newly formed Ad hoc committee, tasked with exploring the feasibility of conferring municipal status to Masii/Mwala, Masinga/Kivaa Ekalakala, Matuu/Kithimani, and Kathiani/Mitaboni.

Yesterday, amidst eager anticipation, Machakos County Governor, Wavinya Ndeti, oversaw the swearing-in of a 13-member Ad hoc committee. This committee, comprising professionals from various fields including planning, accounting, law, and commerce, represents a diverse array of expertise poised to navigate the intricacies of urban development.


Governor Wavinya highlighted the pressing need for effective urban governance, emphasizing the imperative of people-centered urban institutions. She underscored the importance of strategic urban planning in addressing emerging challenges such as climate change, heralding the elevation of these towns as a significant step towards comprehensive urban management.

The potential elevation of these urban centers into municipalities holds promise for decentralized governance and increased investment opportunities. By becoming decentralized units of the county government, these municipalities stand to attract funding from both local and international investors, paving the way for accelerated development.

Assuring full support for the committee’s endeavors, Governor Wavinya reiterated her administration’s commitment to facilitating the process through the County Department of Lands, Housing, Urban Development, and Energy. This pledge underscores the county’s dedication to ensuring a seamless transition towards enhanced urban governance and development.

In parallel, the swearing-in ceremony witnessed the establishment of a selection panel tasked with recruiting the secretary of the County Public Service Board, further underscoring the county government’s commitment to bolstering administrative capacity and efficiency.

As Machakos County sets its sights on urban expansion, anticipation brews over the transformative potential of these impending municipal elevations, heralding a new era of growth and prosperity for the region.

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Machakos plans expansion of municipal boundaries



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