Man Accused of Conning Sabina Chege Returns to Court for Impersonating Rachel Ruto’s Lawyer


Man Accused of Conning Sabina Chege Returns to Court for Impersonating Rachel Ruto’s Lawyer

A 30-year-old Information Technology (IT) graduate who was previously accused of defrauding nominated Jubilee MP Sabina Chege has been charged with impersonating First Lady Rachel Ruto’s legal officer.

Benson Waziri Masubo is accused of impersonating Rachel’s legal officer in an attempt to threaten his girlfriend’s ex-husband.

According to the charge sheet, Waziri is accused of impersonating a public official and portraying himself as a person working in public service, namely a legal officer at the office of the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya.


He reportedly committed the crime on March 21, when he pretended to advise Nairobi’s Regional Criminal Investigation Officer, Peter Njeri Nthiga, to arrest Patrick Kahuhua, the ex-husband of his girlfriend, Carolina Ngima.

Waziri, who has previously boasted of having love affairs with Kenyan female MPs, was seen hiding his face in court.

The accused claimed to be blind and fighting cancer, which caused a bit of confusion.

He pleaded with with Milimani Senior Resident Magistrate Bernard Ochoi to give him bail despite confessing to evading the court in separate criminal proceedings.

“Your honour I contracted cancer and lost my sight. I have been admitted to Karen and Nairobi Hospitals, where I have been undergoing treatment. Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I cannot see. I have to rely on my girlfriend,” he told the magistrate as he pleaded to be released on bond.

The magistrate ordered the suspect to be transported to Nairobi Hospital for treatment.

Waziri faced a second accusation of providing false information to a public servant, stating that a suspicious car was following him.

The specifics of the offense include that on the same day, at the office of the Regional Criminal Investigations official in Nairobi, he reportedly informed Nthiga that he was a legal official affiliated to the first lady’s office.

According to the charge sheet, he claimed that a motor vehicle with the registration number KCU 5*1D, a Toyota Passo, was chasing him with the intention of harming him.

The police chief ordered a team of officers to begin inquiries, only to learn that the vehicle’s owner was not pursuing him but was his wife’s ex-husband.

According to the prosecution, Waziri identified himself to police officers as a legal officer in the First Lady’s office with the intention of intimidating his wife’s ex-husband.

They accused him of attempting to use police officers to settle personal scores, pushing a police officer to initiate investigations that he should not have.

On Wednesday, April 3, the court will determine whether to release him on bond. Waziri remains held at the Capitol Hill Police Station.

Waziri is no stranger to courtroom proceedings. On April 2, 2018, he was charged with six offenses, including conspiracy to defraud, obtaining registration under false pretense, and impersonation, all of which he denied.

Waziri, Sabina Chege saga

The defendant was charged with conspiracy to deceive public authorities and the general public after registering a cellphone number in the name of Sabina Chege, the then-Murang’a women representative.

He was charged with conspiracy to deceive public officials and the general public after establishing a cellphone number in the name of former Murang’a County Woman Representative Sabina Chege.

According to the Daily Nation, he was charged with conspiracy to deceive governmental servants and the general public by establishing a mobile phone number in Sabina’s name.

Waziri was accused of trying to acquire KSh 100,000 from late politician Jakoyo Midiwo while pretending to be Murang’a’s women representative.

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Man Accused of Conning Sabina Chege Returns to Court for Impersonating Rachel Ruto’s Lawyer



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