Martha Karua Issues 7 Demands to Ruto Over 5,000 Acre Contested Land


Martha Karua Issues 7 Demands to Ruto Over 5,000 Acre Contested Land

Narc Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua has issued seven demands to President William Ruto concerning a 5,000-acre piece of land that has been the subject of recent disputes.

In a detailed statement, Karua highlighted the imminent risk of families facing eviction from Ndabibi Farm in Naivasha. Despite alleging that President Ruto is the purchaser of the land, the Azimio la Umoja Principal emphasized the need for clarification on various aspects.

To address the looming eviction crisis, Karua urged Ruto to provide explanations regarding the acquisition date, the seller’s identity, and the purchase price of the land.


She also questioned the origin of Ruto’s finances, whether his due diligence revealed the presence of over forty thousand long-term resident families, and the timing of the revelation of Ruto’s ownership subsequent to assuming power.

Karua further inquired if Ruto is committed to upholding the constitution, including protecting the rights of the forty thousand families, and whether he would consider withdrawing security personnel from the farm pending the resolution of ownership disputes.

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“We are witnessing the potential emergence of a significant humanitarian crisis, one that necessitates the intervention or mitigation efforts of any responsible administration,” Karua emphasized.

Contrary to Ruto’s prior silence on land ownership, Naivasha Member of Parliament Jane Kihara asserted on March 12, 2024, that President Ruto is indeed the legitimate owner of a 5000-acre parcel in the Ndabibi area of Naivasha.

Addressing a public Baraza, Kihara accused certain leaders of colluding with land grabbers targeting unsuspecting landowners.

She remarked, “We should allow the landowner to sell the land to the President. It has been confirmed that this land rightfully belongs to Kipkulei; he should be free to sell it to anyone he chooses.”

Furthermore, she invited anyone claiming that the President unlawfully acquired their land to approach her for assistance in reclaiming their property.

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Martha Karua Issues 7 Demands to Ruto Over 5,000 Acre Contested Land



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