Martha Karua Sharply Clashes with Raila on Bipartisan Report


Martha Karua Sharply Clashes with Raila on Bipartisan Report

Martha Karua, the leader of the Narc Kenya party, has restated her objection to the National Dialogue Committee report.

Raila Odinga, the leader of the One Kenya Coalition Party within the Azimio la Umoja, recently spearheaded the endorsement of the report by other opposition leaders.

Yet, in a press release dated Thursday, December 7, Karua expressed criticism of the report’s recommendations, asserting that they did not align with the aspirations of numerous Azimio la Umoja supporters.

Karua pointed out that, in her view, the committee neglected three crucial issues relevant to the opposition coalition.

She urged Kenyans to dismiss the bipartisan report, contending that its purpose was solely to provide benefits to leaders rather than serving the interests of the ordinary Kenyan.


“NADCO report has nothing to alleviate the suffering of citizens but offers goodies to the leaders. It is a fraud which Kenyans should frown upon and reject. It’s a distraction smokescreen,” Karua said.

Karua highlighted that the report fell short in addressing pressing issues like the escalating prices of essential commodities, including fuel, and the persistent challenge of unemployment.

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“The report has failed to address the rise of essential commodities like fuel and food items. The increase of taxation by the state has not also been addressed. Unemployment has also been a challenge that has not been addressed,” she added.

The leader of Narc Kenya, Karua, additionally conveyed her concerns regarding the suggested procedures for auditing the 2022 General Election.

She called for a halt in the recruitment of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) commissioners for an additional 45 to 60 days, emphasizing that both coalitions (Azimio and Kenya Kwanza) should be involved in the selection process, rather than it being solely within the purview of parliament.

In conclusion, Karua asserted that the committee’s recommendations indicated that the leadership of Kenya Kwanza was not genuinely interested in finding a solution for the benefit of Kenyans.

“Unfortunately, the findings of the report confirm that the committee was formed by the unwilling, composed of the incompetent to do the unnecessary,” the Narc Kenya leader stated.

As previously mentioned, the former prime minister endorsed the national dialogue talks report, even though it fell short in addressing crucial issues such as the cost of living.

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Following the Azimio parliamentary group meeting on Wednesday, November 29, Raila acknowledged that the document was incomplete and unfinished.

However, he expressed a commitment to exploring alternative avenues to pressure the government into addressing the issue.

“The document the team has come up with is, ultimately, imperfect and unfinished. The two teams were unable to agree on the need and the means to reduce the cost of living. We made what believed were reasonable proposals on how to address the rising cost of living. But the government side flatly refused, terming it their exclusive business,” he said.

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Martha Karua Sharply Clashes with Raila on Bipartisan Report



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