Mombasa Governor Lambasts Deputy President Over Drug Barons Arrest


Mombasa Governor Lambasts Deputy President Over Drug Barons Arrest

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir delivered a scathing rebuke to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, accusing the government of failing to arrest drug barons despite a 4-day ultimatum issued by Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome.

Addressing a gathering at an official function, Governor Nassir expressed frustration over the government’s inability to apprehend the drug traffickers within the specified timeframe.

Nassir condemned what he perceived as political posturing, asserting that the government possesses the necessary resources and intelligence to enforce the arrests promptly.


Mombasa Governor Calls for Immediate Action Amidst Deputy President Ultimatum

“We’re tired of empty promises and excuses. Instead of addressing the drug menace, authorities are preoccupied with trivial matters. It’s time for action, not rhetoric,” Nassir declared.

Challenging the government to fulfill its duty or delegate the responsibility to the county government, Nassir emphasized the urgency of combating drug trafficking through proactive measures.

He proposed a multi-agency approach involving local leaders and law enforcement agencies to dismantle the drug supply chain and curb substance abuse.

“If the government fails to act decisively, we’ll take matters into our own hands. We’re prepared to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to eradicate this scourge,” Nassir asserted.

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The governor’s remarks came in response to comments made by Deputy President Gachagua during a stakeholder meeting in Mombasa, where Gachagua criticized local leaders for their absence and urged their participation in addressing the drug problem.

Meanwhile, IG Koome reiterated the imperative of arresting drug barons within four days, advocating for public shaming as a deterrent measure.

As the government faces mounting pressure to combat drug trafficking, Governor Nassir’s outspoken critique underscores the need for swift and effective action to confront this pressing issue.

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Mombasa Governor Lambasts Deputy President Over Drug Barons Arrest



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