Moses Kuria Adopts Grandchildren of Mama Mboga in President Ruto’s 2022 Campaigns


Moses Kuria Adopts Grandchildren of Mama Mboga in President Ruto’s 2022 Campaigns

Moses Kuria, cabinet secretary for public service, has promised to adopt the grandkids of Mama Mboga, who was heavily involved in President William Ruto’s 2022 campaign, after their father was put to rest today.

Alex Mbugua, the son of Pauline Waithira Njoroge, passed away while receiving treatment at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

At Wednesday’s burial in Githunguri Kiambu, CS Kuria said that he would take it upon himself to provide for and educate the three children.


“Mrs. Pauline Njoroge, popularly known as ‘Mama Mboga’, was an instrumental face in our campaign in the 2022 election campaigns. Today, I joined her, her family, relatives, and friends in Githunguri, Kiambu County, as she laid to rest her only son, Alex Mbugua Waithira, who rested at the age of 51.”

“I have committed to educate and empower the three sons he has left behind,” added CS Kuria.

He went on to say that he plans to send the three of them to college to get technical degrees that would open doors for them in the workforce.

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Moses Kuria claims that providing employment to the three without first ensuring their education would be a temporary victory for the family.

Even when he and other leaders stepped down from power, the three would still be empowered, he said.

For Waithira’s family, who had been through a lot—including having her son’s remains held at KNH due to an unpaid medical bill—this news came as a tremendous relief.

Pauline had gone public with her plea for donations in order to collect the Ksh400,000 needed to get the remains freed.

Thanks to her participation in President William Ruto’s election, she was able to appeal to well-wishers and influential people, but the sum was too high for her family to raise.

Nonetheless, Pauline had already bemoaned Kenya Kwanza’s abandonment.

According to Pauline’s earlier conversation with media, she was left to suffer in poverty when the leaders of Kenya Kwanza did not answer her calls after the governing party took control.

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Moses Kuria Adopts Grandchildren of Mama Mboga in President Ruto’s 2022 Campaigns

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