Moses Kuria Breaks Silence on His Beef With Rigathi Gachagua


Moses Kuria Breaks Silence on His Beef With Rigathi Gachagua

Moses Kuria, the Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, has refuted allegations of a rift between him and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

During an interview on KTN News, Kuria clarified that the public was misunderstanding his association with the deputy president, emphasizing that they share a longstanding history.

“We have no differences. I think people are interpreting it wrong. I’m not fighting with anyone politically. Gachagua and I have come a long way,” Kuria said.


Kuria stated that both he and the deputy president have common interests, with Gachagua having a senior role in the government compared to him.

He highlighted that their shared commitment to advocating for the rights of the Mt Kenya region aligns their objectives.

“We all defend and fight for the interests of Mount Kenya. He is my senior in the government and in the Cabinet, so we cannot allow small differences to separate us,” he added.

Emphasizing their close friendship, Kuria reminisced about his past connection with the deputy president.

The Public Service Cabinet Secretary noted that there was a time when he held a senior position over Gachagua at the National Assembly following the 2017 elections.

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“When he (Gachagua) was elected, he found me in my second term in Parliament and at one point, I was his boss. That was when I was the Vice-chair of the Transport Committee at the National Assembly, where he served as one of my members,” Kuria explained.

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Moses Kuria Breaks Silence on His Beef With Rigathi Gachagua



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