Moses Kuria Dismisses Gachagua’s Unity Calls in Mt. Kenya


Moses Kuria Dismisses Gachagua’s Unity Calls in Mt. Kenya

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has been on a quest to unite the vote-rich Mt Kenya area behind him.

This has led to speculation that the DP and Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria do not agree.

The two leaders have subsequently clarified that they have no disagreements, but their acts have raised more suspicions.


Kuria recently dismissed pleas for regional unity, claiming that they are already speaking with one voice.

Kuria questioned how politicians continue to preach about togetherness when the area gathered around President William Ruto in the 2022 general election.

He argued that most leaders appealing for unity were dishonest, claiming that they were really interested in becoming regional kingpins.

“Let me conclude by telling the leaders of Mt. Kenya. Now people are saying that we should unite, have unity, speak the same language; I don’t disagree. But I want to ask you, didn’t we unite in the year 2022, didn’t you choose us with the majority of votes for William Ruto and Kenya Kwanza, what other unity do these people want? They are united.

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Now let’s go and ask them where their roads are, where their water they’re asking for is, let’s ask them where that TVET is. Every day it’s about unity. It’s not about uniting to make leaders big, that’s foolishness,” he said.

He said that it was time to work for the people and provide their basic needs rather than making political plays.

Kuria suggested that unity should be fostered by providing for the people, claiming that political unity would not put food on people’s tables.

“These people don’t want a union that makes people big, they want a union that brings them water, does their work, and pays them a good price for their tea leaves. Leaders, let’s speak the same language but not our language as leaders, let it be a unity in the language of the people. Even if you’re big and called a kingpin, these people of ours can’t make you their meal to eat in the evening,” he added.

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Moses Kuria Dismisses Gachagua’s Unity Calls in Mt. Kenya

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