MPs Now Demand Sacking of CS Linturi Over Fertilizer Scandal


MPs Now Demand Sacking of CS Linturi Over Fertilizer Scandal

Murang’a County Members of Parliament are demanding the dismissal of Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi amidst the unfolding fertiliser scandal.

The legislators, comprising four representatives, criticized the distribution of tainted fertiliser to farmers nationwide, despite the products undergoing standard procurement procedures and being transported using government vehicles.

During a county function, Senator Joe Nyutu voiced suspicions of sabotage within the government, alleging the involvement of individuals seeking to undermine its efforts.


Nyutu emphasized the need for Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi to reveal the identities of those implicated in the distribution of counterfeit fertiliser.

Murang’a Woman Representative Betty Maina urged the President to remove the agriculture CS from office, holding him responsible for the syndicate’s activities due to his alleged negligence and failure to act promptly.

Meanwhile, Maragua MP Mary Waithira Wa Maua asserted her commitment to rectifying government wrongs, emphasizing the necessity of refunding farmers’ money or providing them with genuine fertiliser. She stressed that despite being part of the government, she would not hesitate to address its shortcomings.

The sale of fertiliser by two companies, KEL Chemicals and SBL Innovate, has been halted, with farmers cautioned against purchasing or using their products.

Kangema MP Peter Kihungi pledged his support for the impeachment of CS Linturi, citing the lack of demonstrable goodwill or action against those responsible for distributing adulterated fertiliser.

According to Wa Maua, the fertiliser syndicate involves well-known suppliers, and the agriculture minister should publicly identify them to address the issue effectively.

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MPs Now Demand Sacking of CS Linturi Over Fertilizer Scandal



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