Mt Kenya Leaders Cautious Amid Ruto-Gachagua Rift, Fear Gachagua’s Regional Appeal


Mt Kenya Leaders Cautious Amid Ruto-Gachagua Rift, Fear Gachagua’s Regional Appeal

The political landscape in Kenya is facing significant upheaval as the power struggle between President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua intensifies.

This escalating rift has placed their allies, particularly those from the influential Mt Kenya region, in a precarious position, torn between two powerful factions.

The ongoing tension has created a climate of uncertainty among leaders who are hesitant to publicly choose sides. The fear of political retribution looms large, with the potential consequences of aligning with the losing side weighing heavily on their decisions.


Despite this, a considerable number of these leaders are believed to lean towards President Ruto. However, Deputy President Gachagua’s focus on regional advocacy and local issues has garnered him substantial support among voters in Mt Kenya.

Criticism has been directed at Gachagua for his perceived tribalistic policies, notably the “one man, one shilling” revenue-sharing approach which aims to favor the Mt Kenya region.

This stance has not only polarized opinions but also highlighted the deep-rooted regional divides within Kenya’s political sphere.

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Adding to the complexity, some of Gachagua’s backers have voiced opposition to the Finance Bill 2024, which is anticipated to increase the cost of living significantly if it passes.

This opposition reflects the growing discontent over economic issues that could sway public opinion against the current administration.

In a bold move, Gachagua has openly challenged his adversaries to a political confrontation, emphasizing the importance of local politics and unity within the Mt Kenya region.

During a speech in Nyeri, he urged leaders to stay attuned to the concerns of their constituents. “To all leaders in this region, all politics is local. Listen to the ground. And leaders of this region who want to fight unity, don’t speak in Western, don’t speak in Rift Valley, come and speak here,” he declared, underscoring his commitment to regional solidarity.

As the political battle unfolds, the outcome remains uncertain. The decisions made by leaders in the coming weeks will likely shape the future trajectory of Kenya’s political landscape, with the Mt Kenya region at the heart of this unfolding drama.

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Mt Kenya Leaders Cautious Amid Ruto-Gachagua Rift, Fear Gachagua’s Regional Appeal



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