Mudavadi Hints at Folding his ANC to Join William Ruto’s UDA Party


Mudavadi Hints at Folding his ANC to Join William Ruto’s UDA Party

Musalia Mudavadi, Prime Cabinet Secretary, has suggested that the Amani National Congress Party (ANC) may be folded before of the 2027 general election.

Speaking in Bomet county, Mudavadi said that the ANC will join with President William Ruto’s UDA party.

In his speech, Mudavadi admitted that the UDA was the dominant party in the Kenya Kwanza government, but also said that the ANC was not a pushover.


Mudavadi said prior to of the 2027 elections, his party would explore working with the UDA to bolster the Kenya Kwanza government.

“I must tell you frankly that our conversations must be serious about how to strengthen the Kenya Kwanza administration and how to work very closely with the UDA and even engage in deeper debates,” Mudavadi said.

He begged Kenyans to be patient throughout the discussions, saying he will make a huge statement in the future.

“Do not ask me which debates. I will tell you later which debate. Another earthquake is coming,” he stated.

Mudavadi’s first earthquake occurred in 2022, when he chose to abandon One Kenya Alliance (OKA) and join forces with Ruto.

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Meanwhile, Mudavadi’s ANC party is split over demands for the resignation of secretary general Omboko Milemba.

A group of officials, led by the party’s political affairs director, Fred Omulo, is calling for Milemba’s resignation owing to a perceived lack of fire and commitment.

Following a meeting at the party’s headquarters office, they gave Milemba a week to solve the issues presented or risk removal from office.

Omulo said that one of the members’ worries was the absence of activity in the party, which may be seen as the party folding to join UDA.

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Mudavadi Hints at Folding his ANC to Join William Ruto’s UDA Party



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