Nairobi MCAs Threaten to Impeach Sakaja over Incompetence


Nairobi MCAs Threaten to Impeach Sakaja over Incompetence

Some members of the county assembly have suggested the possibility of removing Governor Johnson Sakaja from office due to his perceived lack of competence.

Absalom Odhiambo Matach from Korogocho Ward and Kennedy Swaka from Gatina Ward asserted that Governor Sakaja has also demonstrated incompetence in overseeing the financial management of the county.

As per statements from the county legislators, there have been significant delays in disbursing bursaries, even though the county is reported to be collecting KSh 30 million in revenue on a daily basis. 


“The Nairobi governor has failed to deliver his duties. It is recommended that if a person cannot perform, he be impeached because he has no reason to hold the office. With the current tough economy, our children need support from the county to further their studies, but the county boss has not okayed their bursaries,” Odhiambo voiced

Swaka, who serves as the vice chair of the education committee at the Nairobi County Assembly and is a counterpart to Absalom Odhiambo Matach, echoed similar concerns. He attributed the delays in bursary disbursement to the top management, expressing dissatisfaction with their handling of the matter.

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“We collect at least KSh 30 million daily in revenue across the county. The total collected in a week can be given as bursaries to all schools within the county. We had planned that by the end of the third term, students would have got their bursaries, but we were informed that there was no money to facilitate and hasten the process. The top management has become a hard nut to crack,” said Swaka. 

Odhiambo stated that Governor Sakaja has neglected the importance of maintaining the city’s cleanliness. 

He argued that despite the substantial daily revenue collection, the county chief has not paid garbage collectors. 

Furthermore, Odhiambo alleged that social halls in Nairobi have been overrun by thieves, but Sakaja has not taken any corrective measures in response to this issue.

Robert Alai accuses Sakaja of incompetence

Previously, Robert Alai, the Kileleshwa MCA who has been in conflict with the governor, accused Sakaja of being lax in his duties.

 Alai asserted that Sakaja lacked information about revenue collectors in the county. 

He criticized Sakaja’s claim that the county only collects KSh 15 million in revenue, considering it as a clear indication of high-level incompetence.

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“Sakaja is very incompetent. Mike Sonko was one million times ahead of him. The fact that the governor does not even know who is collecting the revenue of the county and the fact that he can publicly claim that Nairobi makes KSh 15 million in revenue a day. Does the county look like it can only collect that? I have never seen this level of incompetence. It is above-required,” he asserted. 

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Nairobi MCAs Threaten to Impeach Sakaja over Incompetence



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