NARC Kenya officials, members to back Karua for 2027 presidential bid


NARC Kenya officials, members to back Karua for 2027 presidential bid

NARC Kenya representatives have declared their support for party leader Martha Karua in the upcoming general elections scheduled for 2027, with the intention of electing her to the presidency.

During their tour of Isiolo County, party officials and other affiliated leaders urged Isiolo residents to participate in the party’s ongoing registration campaign in advance of the upcoming general election.

The party’s Organising Secretary, Paul Gichuki, stated that in preparation for the upcoming general election, their slate will include candidates running for multiple positions so that Kenyans can elect competent leaders who will prioritise their concerns.


Gichuki stated that they remain a member of the Azimio Coalition but are devising strategies to form an independent political party for the upcoming general elections.

He stated that their party is dissatisfied with the NADCO report due to the omission of crucial issues pertaining to the cost of living.

He added that additional issues that have infuriated their party include the National’s proposal to allocate approximately three-quarters of the overall budget towards the statehouse, rather than prioritising the welfare of ordinary citizens.

Salesio Kiambi, MCA for Wabera ward and candidate elected on a Narc Kenya platform, stated that they will wholeheartedly support Martha Karua since Raila Odinga is running for an AU position and she is the most qualified candidate to run for the top seat.

He further stated that the leader of the NARC Kenya party has not departed from the Azimio Coalition and that the coalition is open to joining any political party that supports their manifesto, recruits a greater number of members nationwide, and abides by the law to ensure that both sexes are adequately represented in the contested seats.

They reaffirmed the criticality of effective leadership to guide the nation towards its subsequent phase of progress.

Isiolo-based Narc Kenya member Ambrose Apayo stated that if Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio Coalition, is re-elected, the organisation will not hesitate to support Martha Karua, an individual who has consistently demonstrated her integrity in the political sphere and advocated for the interests of numerous individuals, including pastoralist communities.

Residents of Ngaremara ward, in conjunction with individuals from Oldonyiro, stated that Apayo will make every effort to ensure that a significant number of Isiolo residents join the party, given that it is poised to lead the nation into the next phase.

Furthermore, they will visit villages and numerous wards throughout the county to inform the public about the party, he continued.

Ekeno Lepeyen, an additional party member, declared her intention to align herself with the party and lend her support to Karua in an effort to discern a transformative shift in their circumstances, subsequent to years of affliction and negligence.

She implored women throughout the nation to support the NARC Kenya leader in her quest for reform.

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NARC Kenya officials, members to back Karua for 2027 presidential bid



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