Natembeya : No Luhya Will Cry if Ruto Sacks Mudavadi


Natembeya : No Luhya Will Cry if Ruto Sacks Mudavadi

Trans Nzoia governor George Natembeya asserted that Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi’s influence in his home region has dwindled.

Natembeya, known for his straightforward commentary, characterized Mudavadi’s standing in Western Kenya as minimal, labeling his position as ‘tokenism’.

He emphasized that Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio alliance, still wields considerable influence over the community compared to Mudavadi and other previously influential figures.


Natembeya claimed that President William Ruto would need Odinga’s support to sway the Mulembe community on certain political issues.

During an interview at Spice FM, Natembeya highlighted that key leaders from the Western region were elected under the ODM banner, indicating Odinga’s enduring influence.

He suggested that Mudavadi’s removal from his position by the president wouldn’t significantly impact the people, given the decline in his support base.

Natembeya also observed that Mudavadi wouldn’t have many Members of Parliament to back him from the Kenya Kwanza government, as most are aligned with the Azimio coalition.

Natembeya remarked, “Today he is there alone. The position Mudavadi holds in government is what we call tokenism.

He can be fired today and no Luhya will cry. Today if the president wants to talk to Luhyas he will go through Raila because the latter’s ODM party is dominant in the region.”

In previous elections, ODM used to secure more votes for Raila in Bungoma, but in 2022, 2,000 people supported the president, enabling Moses Wetang’ula to retain his seat.

Natembeya assured that this support doesn’t represent the entire community.

Natembeya emphasized that leaders unite based on their shared selfish interests rather than the transformational agenda their electorates anticipate.

He reiterated his commitment to individually advocating for the unity of the Luyha community.

Recently, National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula called upon leaders from the Western region to prioritize unity over personal interests.

He mentioned that some MPs have initiated efforts towards a unity agenda to unite leaders behind a common development plan.

Busia governor Paul Otuoma commented that once the community embraces unity, development will inevitably follow for the people.

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Natembeya : No Luhya Will Cry if Ruto Sacks Mudavadi



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