Natembeya Reveals Warning Call Before Clash With Wetang’ula at Burial


Natembeya Reveals Warning Call Before Clash With Wetang’ula at Burial

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya was warned about the impending danger before his supporters fought with those of National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula during a funeral on March 22.

Speaking on Thursday, April 4, Natembeya claimed that he got a call from a local politician who told him not to attend the funeral.

The local leader informed the first-time governor that there were intentions to foment disruption during the burial.


“On Friday, I received a call from an MCA who told me not to attend the burial because there were plans to cause havoc. The lawmaker said that there was great tension and he was also contemplating missing the burial,” Natembeya stated.

“But I decided that I must attend the burial because the deceased was a county employee. I later learnt that the deceased was related to Wetang’ula so I knew we were all just convening to pay our last respects. However, I also learnt that some youth had been mobilized to heckle ahead of the burial,” Natembeya added.

According to Natembeya, he came late for the burial owing to county obligations. However, while paying his final respects, Natembeya said he was assaulted.

“In the process of calming the youth, over 20 canisters of teargas were hurled forcing people to scamper for their safety,” he explained revealing that he sustained minor injuries.

Natembeya, on the other hand, decried the event, pointing out that police actions may have harmed the mourners.

Following the battle, Natembeya and his men withdrew, but Wetang’ula stayed and carried out the burial rites.

Following the event, multiple county police were questioned, and he said that he is willing to work with law enforcement authorities to resolve the situation.

Nonetheless, Natembeya ruled out having personal disagreements with Wetang’ula. The governor of Trans Nzoia stated that only their goals and views on politics differed.

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Natembeya Reveals Warning Call Before Clash With Wetang’ula at Burial



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