Ndindi Nyoro Now Faults KRA For Heavy Taxation


Ndindi Nyoro Now Faults KRA For Heavy Taxation

Ndindi Nyoro, head of the National Assembly Budget Committee, has asked the Kenya Revenue Authority and other government agencies to consult with the public before implementing new levies.

Speaking at a church service on Sunday, the Kiharu Member of Parliament stated that high taxes are becoming burdensome for many Kenyans dealing with a difficult economy.

Nyoro cited increasing import charges as an example of how they will continue to harm Kenyan firms, contradicting the government’s pledge to promoting Kenyan industries and entrepreneurs.


“As you do changes and especially increasing duty like the one we did recently it is important to do public participation. You call stakeholders and engage them,” he said.

“I ask the chair of domestic taxes in Kenya the increment of duty from Ksh.2 million to Ksh.3 million…first hold it and hold a meeting with business people.”

MP Nyoro further noted that with the additional levy, businesses who imported products at plummeting dollar prices will now be compelled to pass on the cost to consumers or face massive losses.

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Public engagement has long been overlooked as the government increases taxes.

It was at the core of the controversy surrounding the Housing Bill, which imposed unsavoury taxes on Kenyans.

The High Court also asked the administration why the public was not consulted before the reforms were made into law.

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Ndindi Nyoro Now Faults KRA For Heavy Taxation



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