Nelson Koech Strikes Back at Uhuru’s ‘Sensational’ Allegations, Calling Them Political Maneuvering


Nelson Koech Strikes Back at Uhuru’s ‘Sensational’ Allegations, Calling Them Political Maneuvering

In a recent turn of events, Belgut Member of Parliament (MP) Nelson Koech has vehemently dismissed ex-president Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent funding demands as mere sensationalism, sparking a fiery exchange of words between the two political figures.

Koech’s remarks follow a statement made by Kenyatta’s spokesperson Kanze Dena, highlighting the alleged financial neglect of the former president’s office, asserting that Kenyatta has been forced to cover expenses that should rightfully be borne by the state.

However, Koech was quick to denounce Kenyatta’s assertions, labeling them as nothing more than political theatrics aimed at garnering sympathy and deflecting attention from more pressing issues facing the nation.


“Uhuru Kenyatta should be the last person to demand for his pension. There is a code of conduct for all civil servants, and that is why you have not heard complaints from the likes of Moody Awori who benefits from the same scheme or even Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga,” Koech retorted during a televised interview.

The MP further criticized Kenyatta’s affluent family background, suggesting that the former president possesses the means to sustain himself without burdening the state coffers.

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Amidst Kenya’s ongoing economic challenges, Koech emphasized the insensitivity of Kenyatta’s demands, questioning the former president’s priorities in the face of widespread financial hardship.

“It is unfair what he is demanding is that his office in Caledonia should be paid. He wants to be the landlord at the same time the tenant and he wants to be paid he has been told to move to Nyari, he has refused,” Koech argued passionately.

As the debate intensifies, Kenyatta’s office claims that the state owes them upwards of Ksh.1 billion, citing inadequate budgetary allocations over the past two years. However, government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura refuted these allegations, asserting that Kenyatta’s office has been adequately furnished with resources, including a fleet of vehicles and fuel provisions.

With tensions escalating between the former president and parliamentary figures, Kenya finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the intersection of political posturing and fiscal responsibility.

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Nelson Koech Strikes Back at Uhuru’s ‘Sensational’ Allegations, Calling Them Political Maneuvering



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