“Nonsense” Ezekiel Mutua Warns CS Moses Kuria on Social Media Remarks 


“Nonsense” Ezekiel Mutua Warns CS Moses Kuria on Social Media Remarks 

Following an online spat between Moses Kuria, Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, and Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), the latter has issued a warning to the CS regarding his remarks about the Copyright Act.

While on Hot 96 radio, Mutua suggested that the outspoken CS focus on his ministry, emphasising that MCSK is not under his purview.

The assertive CEO also stated that their responsibilities are parallel, and they will not tolerate Kuria’s attempts to harass them in any way.


“I do not fear Moses Kuria… What happens to people when they come to power? It does not matter how long it takes, they can jail us, and torture us. Why did you go to school if you were going to be harassed by all manner of people? Even if they were to malign us or fabricate lies about us, we are not going to be the first ones. We are not going to be scared of small people,” said Mutua.

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Mutua stated that the former MP lacks the authority to publicise alleged corruption within MCSK on social media platforms.

He criticised Kuria’s actions, claiming that he should have summoned the suspects to the EACC offices, where the case was being investigated.

“When did you see a guy working in a state house perpetuating lies, peddling and posting on social media, later ostensibly supposed to be investigated by EACC?… If EACC is investigating, you call people to EACC, and they write a statement. This nonsense should be challenged,” he added.

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“Nonsense” Ezekiel Mutua Warns CS Moses Kuria on Social Media Remarks 



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