Nyandarua senator John Methu under fire after a video emerged of him fanning tribal flames emerge


Nyandarua senator John Methu under fire after a video emerged of him fanning tribal flames emerge

Nyandarua senator John Methu is facing criticism following the circulation of a video in which he is seen exacerbating tribal tensions and explicitly requesting a high-ranking government official to show bias against a specific Kenyan tribe.

At an event attended by Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui for Cooperatives and MSMEs Development, the controversial senator, known for his provocative statements, was captured playfully encouraging the CS to raise the microcredit limits for the Kalenjin and Kikuyu communities while suggesting a reduction for the Luo community.

Despite the brazen nature of his remarks, Methu garnered laughter from the audience, seemingly reinforcing the divisive rhetoric expressed by certain government leaders about ‘shareholders.’


“Waziri Chelugui, Ukiangalia unaona jina inasoma Kip-something, nini, Kamau, Njoroge hio unaongeza kidogo… Jina ya hawa akina Omolo, Omondi, Owori unaweza punguza. Kwa sababu kuna kitu inaitwa kuvuna mahali ambapo mtu alifanya nini? Na kuna kitu inaitwa kufurahia kupiga kura, si namna hio?” he is heard saying.

The senator’s remarks have sparked widespread condemnation among Kenyans, with many expressing their disapproval of his blatant tribalism and perceived ethnic profiling.

Media personality Willis Raburu voiced his concerns on his X (formerly Twitter) handle, highlighting the gravity of the senator’s statement. Raburu criticized the audience’s laughter at the tasteless jokes, emphasizing the need to address such divisive behavior seriously.

“What’s happening here? There is huge concern with what he is saying plus number 2: The people are laughing almost urging Senator on. Who is to blame?” he asked.

On his part, user Akumu Jopiny said, “The laughter tells where our problem lies and what naive @methumuhia is talking about is the wrong foot our independent fathers started from. It depicts the reality on the ground why Kenya can’t compete in the league of countries it was at par with in 1960s… “

Paul Kaburu expressed strong disapproval and condemnation towards the senator, rebuking him for his crude remarks. Kaburu went on to tell the senator that he should be ashamed of himself for making such divisive and inappropriate statements.

“@methumuhia you are just an idiot! I feel pity for the people who elected you, can you tell Kenyans if the economy is favoring your tribe? So kalenjins and Kikuyus are the only people who are paying taxes? Wacha utoto buana you should be ashamed of yourself! Hapana lete utoto!”

Senator Methu’s mostly-careless statements have often landed him in trouble – at least with Kenyans online. Back in June, when a woman on Facebook indicted him of only “speaking in funerals”, the Senator fired back at her asking, “Unataka kukufa nikuje niongee kwa yako?”

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Nyandarua senator John Methu under fire after a video emerged of him fanning tribal flames emerge



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