Oburu Odinga Hints at Raila Odinga’s 6th Stab at Presidency


Oburu Odinga Hints at Raila Odinga’s 6th Stab at Presidency

Senator Oburu Oginga from Siaya, who is the brother of Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party, has suggested that the former prime minister might make another attempt at the presidency for the sixth time.

Addressing attendees at the funeral service of Mzee George Awino in Homa Bay county, where Joshua Kawino, the ODM party’s finance director, lost his elder brother, Oburu urged individuals advocating for Raila’s endorsement to cease their attempts at coercion.

“Raila is not expired. Raila is still strong. If Oburu, his brother, is this strong, then what about Raila, who is just a child who was just born yesterday?” Oburu posed.


Oburu’s remarks come in the wake of pressure from Wiper leaders, who, just two days prior, urged Raila to endorse the former vice president to compete directly against President William Ruto.

“The time for Raila to declare Kalonzo is now, and there is no argument about it,” said Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo.

But in a quick rejoinder, Raila said: “I have not said that Kalonzo can’t be president; I have only said that I come from far away with him. He has supported me, and I can do the same.”

Oburu also challenged those within the opposition who are vying for Raila’s endorsement for the presidency in 2027, emphasizing that they must be prepared to compete directly with Raila for the nomination.

This ongoing discussion regarding the opposition’s presidential candidate for the 2027 elections is intensifying, potentially causing divisions within the Azimio coalition.

“You should not pressurise Raila to tell you that you are the one who is going to take over. Come talk to the people and convince them so that they can vote for you,” said Oburu.

Accompanying Oburu, Homa Bay Senator Moses Kajwang’ remarked: “It is completely out of order for leaders in our coalition to continuously blackmail Raila and the ODM party. Everywhere Raila goes out of Luo land, you find people putting him in small corners and in small rooms that he should leave for them.”

Oburu challenged those aspiring for the Azimio ticket to enter the fray and compete against other candidates, including Raila.

“So, just come out and compete. Let Raila also be on the ballot. Let us be democratic; let us select the best leader who will give us the leadership of this country instead of talking about it too early. Let us give everyone a chance, including Raila,” Oburu added.

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Oburu Odinga Hints at Raila Odinga’s 6th Stab at Presidency



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