ODM MP Breaks Silence on Ksh 7.9M Loan Default Allegations


ODM MP Breaks Silence on Ksh 7.9M Loan Default Allegations

Member of Parliament for Saboti, Caleb Amisi, has refuted allegations that he obtained Ksh7.9 million (USD 60,300) in loans from a diplomat.

Social media platforms were rife with rumors that the lawmaker was sued for non-payment of campaign-related loans advanced to him by the diplomat.

However, the member of parliament refuted the allegations in a statement published on X, stating unequivocally that he had not obtained any loans from the diplomat, as had been claimed.


Amisi has additionally asserted that the allegations are made maliciously with the intention of damaging his political career.

He added that the diplomat was a member of a cartel whose sole purpose was to perturb him.

“Very funny. If you think using cartels masquerading as a diplomat can silence my resolve for liberation, you are in for a big shock,” Amisi stated.

In a lawsuit, the diplomat alleged that he had transmitted the money to the politician multiple times after the two became acquainted.

The diplomat in question asserted that he became familiarized with the politician during an IGAD Summit in Djibouti.

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He elaborated that he had disbursed funds in support of the MP’s campaign to elect the politician to Parliament in the 2022 elections, per the MP’s request.

Furthermore, court records indicate that the diplomat declared the obligation of remitting Ksh500,000 as the initial installment delivered in January 2022.

Following this, he asserted that he had transferred an additional Ksh1.3 Million (USD 10,300) in September 2022, in addition to an estimated Ksh6 Million (USD 50,000) in April 2002.

However, it was additionally claimed that the Member of Parliament remitted Ksh500,000 in response to the diplomat’s admonition that non-compliance would result in legal consequences.

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ODM MP Breaks Silence on Ksh 7.9M Loan Default Allegations



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