ODM Politicians Exchange blows Over Leadership Changes


ODM Politicians Exchange blows Over Leadership Changes

A disturbance occurred on Thursday, March 14, during the Kakamega County Assembly when a group of Members of the County Assembly associated with the Orange Democratic (ODM) party engaged in a conflict on the internal party leadership.

The physical altercation occurred when a group of ODM MCAs tried to implement changes in the leadership of the house party.

Their decision was strongly opposed by their fellow ODM MCA colleagues.


Shortly after an initial prayer to commence the session, the scrimmage began, causing the County Assembly speaker James Namatsi to hastily escape in order to save his life.

Recently, the Secretary-General of ODM, Edwin Sifuna, made announcements on alterations to the party’s leadership.

He designated Geoffrey Ondiro as the leader of the majority in the house in the proclamation.

“We want the speaker of the county assembly of Kakamega to read the county assembly laws and know that party leadership inside the house is a party issue,” lamented an MCA.

“If this issue is not addressed immediately, then it will interfere with our duties as house members,” noted another MCA.

Sifuna recently penned a letter to the assembly speaker suggesting modifications to the responsibilities of the majority leader.

The ODM party has rescinded the appointment of Philip Maina Ondago as the majority leader in their letter, and instead, they have appointed Geofrey Ondiro Obonyo to take his position.

Nevertheless, the alterations incited indignation among a faction of the County Assembly members who denounced the action as malevolent.

Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa contended on Tuesday that the alterations were implemented without his awareness, despite his role as the ODM’s Kakamega County chairperson.

“The communication to the Speaker was not accompanied by any document such as minutes of the meeting in which the purported resolution was made,” Barasa lamented.

“I have urged the Speaker to ignore the directive until such a time when it will be clear to the County Leadership that a decision of such magnitude is reached after fulfilling due processes, including necessary consultations,” he added.

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ODM Politicians Exchange blows Over Leadership Changes



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