ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna Claims Party Doesn’t Pay Him Despite Numerous Roles


ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna Claims Party Doesnt Pay Him Despite Numerous Roles

Edwin Sifuna, secretary general of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), has claimed that despite his numerous roles, he is not on the party payroll.

According to Sifuna, holders of positions such as secretary general or even the party’s national chairman are considered sideline officials who are not entitled to remuneration because they do not sit in the secretariat.

The Nairobi senator was speaking on Andrew Kibe’s podcast when he revealed information about his ODM office.


The national secretariat, led by the Executive Director, who is appointed by the National Executive Committee, is in charge of running and connecting all of the other party organs, and those who work there are on the party payroll.

The party’s National Governing Council (NGC) appoints the secretary general and other officials.

Citing the Political Parties Act, Sifuna stated that receiving pay from the party is illegal.

“The law states that an official of the party is not supposed to be paid a salary. It is only the technical staff that receive salaries. For example at Chungwa House we have the executive director, communication director and finance directors, those are the ones who are paid. But the secretary general and chairman are not paid,” he stated.

The Political Parties Act prohibits sideline officials – such as a party leader, national chairman, or even secretary general – from receiving party compensation.

“Monies allocated to a political party from the Fund shall not be used for paying directly or indirectly remuneration, fees, rewards, allowances or any other benefit to a member or supporter of the political party, other than a member of staff,” the Act stipulates.

Aside from the executive director, the ODM secretariat includes the head of finance and administration, the director of communications, the head of membership recruitment, and the head of youth affairs.

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ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna Claims Party Doesnt Pay Him Despite Numerous Roles



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