Okiya Omtatah and Judiciary Accused of Sabotaging Ruto’s Govt


Okiya Omtatah and Judiciary Accused of Sabotaging Ruto’s Govt

Marakwet West Member of Parliament, Timothy Toroitich Kipchumba, has alleged that Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah and the judiciary are meddling in President William Ruto’s administration.

In an interview with KTN News on Thursday, December 21, Toroitich emphasized that as legislators supportive of the Kenya Kwanza government, they are determined not to passively tolerate such interference and will take action.

“The judiciary has interfered with government programmes and as Kenya Kwanza, we feel like the judiciary is interfering with government delivery services,” he said.

Elected as an independent candidate, Toroitich pointed to the Housing Levy Fund, expressing concern that individuals like Okiya Omtatah were allegedly scheming to undermine it.


“The High Court declared that the Housing Levy Fund is constitutional and said that we go and make laws in Parliament and come up with a bill that would anchor the Fund in the law. And so, as Parliament, we were able to bring that to the floor of the House but failed to pass it before breaking on recess,” Toroitich explained.

He mentioned that Members of Parliament aligned with Kenya Kwanza were taken aback when the High Court in Kisumu issued an order halting public participation in the fund.

“The courts are interfering with the parliamentary process as well as the administration of President Ruto. If you look at the Housing Levy Fund and the Finance Act 2023 and also look at the remarks of some people like Okiya Omtatah, he just moves to court and gets orders,” Toroitich said.

According to the newly-elected MP, this development strongly suggests a concerted effort to disrupt both Ruto’s government and the Kenya Kwanza administration.

“Kenya Kwanza inherited an economy that was almost collapsing and we have an agenda aimed at restoring Kenya’s lost glory. But all in all it is clear that Omtatah is being used to interfere with the Kenya Kwanza programmes,” he added.

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Okiya Omtatah and Judiciary Accused of Sabotaging Ruto’s Govt



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