Okoth Obado Accused Of Causing Split In UDA Party


Okoth Obado Accused Of Causing Split In UDA Party

The rift within the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party in Migori County escalated on Sunday due to leadership disputes, with some party leaders accusing former governor Okoth Obado of causing division.

Led by county UDA party coordinator Fred Siengo, the disgruntled leaders alleged that Obado, the Nyanza region UDA party manager, is excluding other leaders while asserting control over party affairs.

Siengo claimed that a recent meeting at Obado’s home in Rapogi, Uriri sub-county, was conducted without informing key party leaders in Migori County.


Siengo emphasized that they won’t tolerate individuals seizing control of the party, asserting the importance of adhering to established party structures and leadership involvement in organizing meetings.

He also alleged that those who joined UDA after the 2022 general election are attempting to dominate the party, sidelining its founding members. Siengo expressed opposition to unauthorized individuals organizing UDA meetings without the approval of party leadership.

Bevin Bhoke echoed Siengo’s sentiments, emphasizing the need for unity within the party in Migori County. She called for adherence to the established hierarchy, with recognized county UDA leaders responsible for convening meetings and issuing directives. Bhoke urged recent UDA members to await instructions from longstanding members.

During a meeting held a week prior, Obado claimed that some UDA members were not aligned with the party’s objectives, asserting his role as the regional manager and calling for the cooperation of other party leaders in the region.

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Okoth Obado Accused Of Causing Split In UDA Party



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