Omanga Accuses Sakaja of Shutting Down Her Nairobi CBD Businesses


Omanga Accuses Sakaja of Shutting Down Her Nairobi CBD Businesses

Former nominated senator alleges that her businesses in the city have been forcibly closed down by the county government.

Omanga made a bold assertion on X, formerly Twitter, stating that county inspectorate officers were authorized to shut down her establishments on Friday, April 12.

She squarely pointed the finger at Governor Johnson Sakaja for orchestrating this action.


Omanga asserted that this move came on the heels of her criticism of the county administration following a report by Auditor General Nancy Gathungu, implicating irregular payments by the county government in the 2022/23 fiscal year.

“Sakaja has dispatched county askaris to shutter my businesses in Nairobi, despite them operating with all the necessary licenses. This unlawful and unjustified action stems from my commentary on the Auditor General’s report on Nairobi County, seemingly ruffling his feathers,” claimed Omanga.

She further expressed, “I vehemently oppose this bullying and political intimidation, and demand that Sakaja refrain from interfering with my businesses. I stand firm and resolute, declaring that I will not be silenced by such cowardly acts.”

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This alleged closure of Omanga’s businesses comes amidst a backdrop of escalating tensions between her and Governor Sakaja, with the former senator vowing not to back down in the face of what she perceives as unwarranted targeting of her enterprises.

The incident raises questions about the intersection of politics and business interests, as well as the exercise of power within local governance structures.

As Omanga asserts her stance against what she deems as harassment and intimidation, the situation underscores the complexities inherent in the relationship between public officials and private entrepreneurs.

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Omanga Accuses Sakaja of Shutting Down Her Nairobi CBD Businesses



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