Oparanya Assures ODM Supporters Raila Will be on the ballot in 2027 elections


Oparanya Assures ODM Supporters Raila Will be on the ballot in 2027 elections

ODM Party Deputy Leader Wycliffe Oparanya has stated that opposition leader Raila Odinga will not retire from local politics in the near future.

Speaking to ODM supporters in Suba South constituency, Homa Bay County, Oparanya hinted that Raila will be on the presidential ballot in the 2027 General Election, despite his current bid for the African Union Commission (AUC) chairmanship.

The former Kakamega Governor urged the electorate to show strong support for Raila when the time for voting arrives.


“Ni wangapi watapigia Baba (Raila Odinga) kura? Hakuna mahali Baba ataenda, atabaki humu humu. Akienda kule African Union nikutembea tu. Dunia mzima Baba ni mmoja!” Oparaya stated in Swahili.

Loosely translated; “How many will vote for Baba? There is nowhere Baba will go, he will remain right here. If he goes to the African Union, it’s just a walk. There is only one Baba in the whole world!”

Simultaneously, he urged residents not to re-elect the current MP, Caroli Omondi, whom he accused of betraying the ODM party leader.

Oparanya rallied support for the former MP, John Mbadi, to reclaim the seat from Omondi, who is perceived as part of the ODM rebels aligned with President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza administration.

Oparanya’s statements come shortly after Raila affirmed his commitment to remain active in local politics despite his AU bid.

Speaking at the opening of the Marani Vegetable Aggregation and Marketing Centre in Kisii County on Thursday, February 29, Raila emphasized that his pursuit of the AU chairmanship would not prevent him from continuing his involvement in local political affairs during his leisure time.

He reassured his supporters that he would be readily available to serve them if they required his assistance in the local political arena.

“If Kenyans will need me for any other job I’ll be available, I will take a break from the AU and come deal with the job Kenyans have given me,” Raila told Kisii residents.

In an apparent reference to the Azimio coalition’s 2022 presidential campaign manifesto, Raila emphasized the importance of fulfilling the promises made to the Kenyan people.

“I will come back to work for Kenyans because what we had said we would do I must deliver,” the opposition chief added.

He contended that the continental role would not pose an obstacle, as Ethiopia is just a few hours away from Nairobi. This proximity would enable him to actively engage in local affairs during weekends.

“Baba is not going anywhere. It only takes two hours to fly to Addis Ababa. I will sleep here in Kisii, leave by plane at 8 am, arrive there by 10 am and work, and then return on Friday,” Raila stated.

However, the regulations of the continental body prohibit the office holder from actively participating in politics.

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Oparanya Assures ODM Supporters Raila Will be on the ballot in 2027 elections



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