Pastor Dorcas Gachagua Leads Prayer Campaign to End Doctors’ Strike


Pastor Dorcas Leads Prayer Campaign to End Doctors’ Strike

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, the spouse of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, joined hundreds of clergy in prayers on Saturday for the end of the country’s continuing doctors’ strike, which is now in its fourth week.

The event took place at Deliverance Church in Langata, coinciding with the commemoration of Bishop Dr. Wilson Mamboleo’s 90th birthday and 70 years of service, which was attended by a huge assembly of clergy.

She underlined their collective potential to impact the current situation, saying they hoped for a peaceful resolution and an end to the strike via discussion. Pastor Dorcas Rigathi described the recent abundant harvests and continuous showers as gifts for the country.


Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, who was present at the ceremony, described how Dr. Mamboleo once encouraged him when he was Minister of Education during a teachers’ strike that impacted education across the country.

Mr. Kalonzo emphasized the ephemeral character of strikes, emphasizing both their fleeting nature and the long-lasting influence they have.

He emphasized the significance of communal prayer at such times, especially when the health sector is impacted, in order to avert the loss of life.

Kalonzo warned of the consequences if prompt action was not taken to end the strike.

During the ceremony, a support fund for Bishop Mamboleo was established, with contributions coming from money gifts and the purchase of his various published books.

The bishop Mamboleo, who has been a minister and intercessor for 70 years in various regions, has written several spiritual works, including “Ministerial Works,” “End Times: Rapture and Resurrection of the Dead,” “Prayer War Declared,” “Say Unto This Mountain,” and “Intercession: My Mandate to the Nations” (autobiography), and “Prayers that Touch the Heart of God,” among others.

Several dignitaries attended the event, including PS Immigration Ambassador Prof. Julius Bitok, Archbishop Arthur Kitonga, Archbishop Henry Mulandi, Bishop William Tuimising, Bishop JB Masinde and his wife, MSCK CEO Ezekiel Mutua, Apostle William Kimani, Bishop Kepha Omae, Rev Phoebe Mugo, Bishop Geoffrey Njuguna, Bishop George Mamboleo, Bishop Boniface Adoyo, Eda Adoyo, and Pastor Prince Obasi-ike, among others.

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Pastor Dorcas Leads Prayer Campaign to End Doctors’ Strike



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