Pastor Ng’ang’a Discloses Selling Price of his Land to Government


Pastor Ng’ang’a Discloses Selling Price of his Land to Government

Pastor James Ng’an’ga, a preacher known for causing controversy, has stated that he is open to selling the piece of property where his Neno Evangelism Centre church is located to the government for a sum of Ksh.200 billion.

Ng’ang’a, speaking outside Parliament grounds on Thursday after his appearance before the House’s Departmental Committee on Lands, reaffirmed that he is the rightful owner of the disputed piece of land.

He also accused the government of attempting to unlawfully take it from him.


“Wanapiga kanisa lakini sio hii watapiga. Hii ilienda kwa sababu niko na rights zote. Ksh.42 million that is a lot of money… tukalipa, ” he said in reference of the sum of money he claims to have bought the land for.

“Nimeleta makaratasi yangu na kama mnataka nyinyi kama government, njoo mniambie niwauzie…nataka 200 billion…muichukue kwa njia ya kuongea.”

The plot of land, situated at the junction of Haile Selassie Avenue and Uhuru Highway, is among a number of parcels currently under investigation by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) over allegations that they are owned by the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC).

During his appearance before the Lands Committee, Ng’ang’a recounted the process via which he obtained the land, which involved purchasing it from the government in 2004.

“I started preaching in Mombasa before later coming to Nairobi. In 2004, I saw a ‘land for sale’ sign from CBK, when I went to inquire about it they told me the price was Ksh.32 million, but they told me to pay 10% and the rest within 90 days,” he said.

Shortly thereafter, Ng’ang’a declared that the land was once again made available for purchase, compelling him to re-apply and ultimately acquire the land for a sum of Ksh.42 million.

“We signed the agreement and Equity helped me pay the amount. I finished paying the loan around 2008 and I was given the title under the name ‘Neno Evangelism Centre.'”

Years later, he was confronted with the issue of the parcel’s title when he got a letter from Kenya Railways Corporation in 2020, informing him of their intention to reclaim the land.

“I told them I bought the title deed from Central Bank,” he said.

He claims that he was subsequently called upon by former Cabinet Secretary James Macharia and former Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) Director-General Maj-Gen Mohammed Badi to clarify the situation.

“I showed them all the supporting documents and they said ‘We don’t have this in our records’ and I was never called again,” added Ng’ang’a.

According to the Apostle, he thoroughly examined the records of the Nairobi City Council and found that the Kenya Finance Bank originally possessed the land, but title was transferred to the Central Bank after the former bank failed.

The lands committee subsequently granted the preacher a 14-day deadline to provide all necessary documentation to prove ownership of the disputed parcel.

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Pastor Ng’ang’a Discloses Selling Price of his Land to Government



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