Peter Munya breaks his silence on The Finance Bill 2024: “This is not what we expected.”


Peter Munya breaks his silence on The Finance Bill 2024: “This is not what we expected.”

The national debate over the Finance Bill 2024 has intensified, with Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya joining the chorus of critics.

Munya has condemned the proposed legislation, arguing it imposes an unjustifiable burden on the Kenyan populace.

Munya’s Critique of the Finance Bill 2024

Munya has expressed strong opposition to the Finance Bill, asserting that it fails to support businesspeople and does little to bolster the economy. He contends that the bill contradicts the government’s campaign promises of accommodating low-income earners, such as small-scale traders and motorbike taxi operators.


“The Finance Bill is a bad thing for Kenyans. It will burden them. It will not help stabilize Kenya’s economy; it will increase the burden on Kenyans more than the government campaigned to accommodate the lower-income earners of society, including Mama Mboga and the Boda Boda people,” Munya stated emphatically.

He highlighted that the policies introduced by the Kenya Kwanza government have continuously increased the financial strain on Kenyans, particularly targeting farmers. Munya criticized the new tax measures, which mandate county governments to levy taxes on every kilogram of farmers’ harvests, a practice he deems unfair and unexpected.

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Parliament’s Role Under Scrutiny

Munya also took aim at Members of Parliament, accusing them of failing in their duty to protect the interests of the Kenyan people. He claimed that instead of defending their constituents, MPs have been supporting the government’s agenda at the expense of public welfare.

“You were not voted in to defend the government but Kenyan people. We cannot feel their impact; everything is becoming difficult. Where are we headed as a country when the priority should have been the interest of Kenyans,” Munya declared.

Opposition Leader Raila Odinga’s Stance

Adding to the criticism, opposition leader Raila Odinga has also voiced his objections to the Finance Bill 2024. Odinga has called on the government to amend the bill, arguing that the proposed tax measures will exacerbate the already heavy tax burden on Kenyans. He noted that citizens have yet to see the benefits of previously collected taxes, making the introduction of new taxes particularly onerous.

Odinga’s call for revisions to the Finance Bill underscores the widespread concern that the new legislation will place an undue financial strain on ordinary Kenyans, further compounding their economic hardships.

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As the debate over the Finance Bill 2024 rages on, Munya and Odinga’s criticisms reflect a growing discontent with the government’s fiscal policies. Their concerns highlight the need for a more equitable and transparent approach to taxation that truly supports the economic well-being of all Kenyans.

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Peter Munya breaks his silence on The Finance Bill 2024: “This is not what we expected.”



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