Police Exposes 5 Facebook Accounts Defrauding Kenyans


Police Exposes 5 Facebook Accounts Defrauding Kenyans

Kenyans were duped online via Facebook accounts that were exposed by the National Police Service.

The accounts are allegedly managed by imposters with the malicious intention of defrauding unsuspecting Kenyans, as stated in a notice published on Wednesday, March 20.

With more than 2,500 followers, one of the Facebook accounts was that of Douglas Kanja Kirocho. According to the bio, the proprietor held the rank of commandant at GSU and was a senior administrator in the public sector.


The other account bore the name Douglas Kanja and claimed to represent the Deputy Inspector of Police. Among the content shared was an announcement regarding the countrywide hiring of Kenya Wildlife Service personnel.

“I wish to urge all unemployed youth nationwide who meet the requirements and are eager and passionate in serving our nation as Kenya Wildlife Service(KWS) officers to turn up in large numbers on 15th April 2024 at the designated recruitment centres across the country to try their luck. The process will be scheduled for 4 days from 15th April 2024 to 19th April 2024. Wishing you all the best. For more information, you can check out from KWS recruitment portal 2024. God bless you all,” NPS shared the account and flagged it as fake.

“We wish to caution the public against interacting with multiple fake accounts purporting to belong to the Deputy Inspector General-Kenya Police Service, Mr Douglas Kanja. The existing accounts are maintained by imposters with criminal intent to defraud unsuspecting Kenyans,” the statement read in part

“Members of the public are urged to treat these posts as malicious and fake. Please note that DIG-KPS Mr. Kanja does not operate any social media account,” the National Police Service wrote while appealing for social media users to report the listed fake accounts.

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Police Exposes 5 Facebook Accounts Defrauding Kenyans



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