Police Officer Injured in Kitui Governor’s Office Car Clash


Police Officer Injured in Kitui Governor’s Office Car Clash

In a startling turn of events at the Kitui Governor’s office last Thursday evening, an attempt by a vehicles dealer company to repossess a car owned by a county employee quickly escalated into a chaotic confrontation involving security personnel and a group of unidentified assailants.

The incident began around 7:30 PM when officials from Al Hiram company – Geoffrey Edali, Hassan Haji, and Adan Abdullahi – arrived at the Governor’s office premises to reclaim a black Mazda (Reg No. KDM 015J) registered to Melid Margaret, a county employee.

However, their efforts were abruptly interrupted as a group of about five men, described in a police report as “goons,” descended upon the scene to thwart the repossession.

The situation rapidly deteriorated, forcing the Al Hiram officials to flee towards the gate in a bid to escape their pursuers.

During the ensuing commotion, police officers Joan Ruguru and John Mutai, who were on duty at the Governor’s office, intervened to rescue the embattled company personnel.


Tragically, Officer Ruguru sustained a severe injury during the altercation. The police report details that one of the assailants bit Ruguru’s right index finger, causing her to lose the tip of her finger. She was immediately taken to Kitui Referral Hospital for treatment and has since been discharged in stable condition.

In addition to Ruguru’s injury, two of the Al Hiram officials were also hurt. Geoffrey Edali, the team leader, suffered a blunt force trauma to his right shoulder and a soft tissue injury to his left shin. Hassan Haji reported experiencing significant back pain following the incident.

The disputed Mazda Saloon car was subsequently towed to Kitui Police Station, where it remains as part of the ongoing investigation. The Officer Commanding Kitui Police Station has launched a thorough inquiry to ascertain the identities of the assailants and the circumstances surrounding the fracas.

This dramatic episode highlights the potential volatility inherent in repossession efforts, especially when they intersect with public offices and involve confrontations with unidentified groups. The authorities are committed to bringing the perpetrators to justice and ensuring such incidents do not recur.

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Police Officer Injured in Kitui Governor’s Office Car Clash



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