Politician Loses Seat After Court Ruling


Politician Loses Seat After Court Ruling

Alice Chepkirui, a nominated Member of County Assembly (MCA) from Narok, has faced a setback as the Nakuru Court of Appeal has affirmed the High Court’s decision to invalidate her nomination for the seat.

Josephine Seneiyo Torome filed a suit before the High Court stating that Chepkirui, who was nominated for the seat by the Jubilee party, had an affiliation with ODM.

Through legal representation, Torome, the petitioner, said that the MCA nominee was a registered voter in Nakuru County, seeking election to a position in Narok County.


The lawyer also mentioned that her client contested Kering’s nomination in the gender top-up list and won in a verdict by a chief magistrate at the High Court.

“My client Ms. Torome, being the next person in the gender top-up list from the Jubilee Party should be sworn in as the nominated MCA within the Jubilee party list that had been subjected to Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission,” the lawyer stated.

Following the verdict, Chepkirui expressed her acceptance of the decision and expressed gratitude towards her legal team for their efforts in advocating for her and helping her reach this stage in the legal proceedings.

“My lawyer has fought hard in this. He wasn’t just fighting for me but also for the whole of Narok County, which is not an easy thing,” Chepkirui stated.

Torome expressed gratitude to the court for deciding in her favour and pledged to utilise her position to provide assistance and empowerment to women.

“I will do my best to empower my fellow women and the vulnerable children in my community. I am grateful that the seat is coming back to me,” Torome stated.

In September 2023, the High Court dismissed Alice Kering’s petition following the nullification of her nomination to Narok County by a High Court Magistrate.

Justice Francis Gikonyo’s verdict states that the MCA was not affiliated with the Jubilee party when she was nominated to the county assembly, nor was she a registered voter of the County.

Justice Gikonyo further observed that Kering was affiliated with the ODM party at that time and was nominated by the party to serve in the Nakuru county parliament from 2017 to 2022.

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Politician Loses Seat After Court Ruling



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