Politicians Cause Drama, Block Speaker from Assembly


Politicians Cause Drama, Block Speaker from Assembly

Drama unfolded at the Kakamega County Assembly on Tuesday, April 9th, as a faction of Members of the Assembly (MCAs) prevented the Speaker from entering the premises.

The MCAs alleged that Speaker James Namatsi had disregarded an order from Edwin Sifuna, the Secretary-General of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Sifuna had instructed the Speaker to replace the Assembly’s Majority Leader. The MCAs accused Namatsi of displaying bias.


Tension escalated when the members obstructed access to the Assembly chamber, resulting in a physical altercation as the Speaker attempted to enter.

This commotion arose from the ongoing efforts by some Azimio MCAs to alter the Assembly’s leadership, seeking to replace Phillip Maina with Geoffrey Ondiro as the Majority Leader.

Kakamega residents expressed dismay, criticizing county leaders for prioritizing internal disputes over serving the community.

Raphael Welimo highlighted that the lack of motions in Kakamega County stemmed from the Governor’s failure to adhere to party regulations.

Elvis Maloba urged the MCAs to refocus on their oversight role and service delivery instead of engaging in conflicts.

This incident mirrors a previous disruption in March when disagreements within the ODM-affiliated members led to chaos during a session.

The Speaker had to hastily retreat for his safety as clashes erupted shortly after the opening prayer.

Edwin Sifuna’s letter to the Speaker officially rescinded Philip Maina Ondago’s appointment as Majority Leader, replacing him with Geofrey Ondiro Obonyo.

However, the Assembly has rejected these changes, labeling them as malicious, and has not implemented them.

In summary, the turmoil within the Kakamega County Assembly reflects broader tensions within the political landscape, raising concerns about governance and service delivery to Kenyan citizens.

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Politicians Cause Drama, Block Speaker from Assembly



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