President Ruto and DP Gachagua enjoy cup of Mursik in Bomet


President Ruto and DP Gachagua enjoy cup of Mursik in Bomet

President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua recently lit up a residence that had recently been linked to electricity while enjoying a cup of Mursik.

Upon reaching the residence to activate the power, the two individuals were accompanied by Mursik, who held a position of authority over other leaders, including Kipchumba Murkomen, the Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary.

The president seemed to relish the occasion as he summoned other leaders who were with him to obtain a serving of the Kalenjin nation’s preferred customary beverage.


Mursik refers to a type of fermented milk derived from cows or goats, which is exclusively produced using a calabash guard, commonly referred to as a sotet in the Kalenjin language.

Soot derived from particular trees, such as the African senna, is applied to the gourd to enhance the taste of the fermented milk.

A woman served the Murski to the president and his deputy from a calabash guard while they were laughing.

“Are there more MPs out there? Ask them to come and enjoy, I know they have never enjoyed Mursik,’’ Ruto was heard saying.

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“Kones come and serve Mursik and I know you have never tested this.’’

Subsequently, the president proceeded to address the gathering in his regional vernacular, urging fellow leaders to partake in the beverage.

“Is there anyone who wants milk?’’Ruto asked.

He sat in the family living room for almost 10 minutes, relishing the scene.

Upon departure, he proceeded inside a chamber where the proprietor engages in the recording of conventional music.

Due to the absence of electricity in his residence, he would record Mursik in Bomet town.

Following President Ruto’s illumination of his residence on Saturday, the same action will now be carried out at his residence.

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President Ruto and DP Gachagua enjoy cup of Mursik in Bomet



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