‘President Ruto Sabotaging Himself’ – Orengo


‘President Ruto Sabotaging Himself’ – Orengo

Siaya Governor James Orengo has cautioned the public to prepare for a challenging 2024, drawing his conclusion from President William Ruto’s year-end address.

Orengo dismissed President Ruto’s claims of sabotage against his administration, expressing amusement at the notion.

According to Orengo, the Kenya Kwanza Government is faltering, and he urged Kenyans to unite and navigate the difficulties of the upcoming year together.


“I don’t think we are going to have a good year and if there is any Kenyan living in denial, the Kenya Kwanza Government is a great disaster, it is an abomination upon the other,” he said.

Orengo emphasizes that the only recourse for Kenyans is to uphold their patriotism and stand against those who seek to oppress them.

“We must resist the oppression, unjustified taxations and try to use the law to oppress the Kenyan people,” he said.

Orengo queried President Ruto, questioning why he perceives his government to be under sabotage when he has practically secured the majority of Parliament.

Orengo pointed out that the legislative body plays a crucial role in shaping laws, suggesting that President Ruto could leverage his influence over lawmakers to amend or enact laws that align with his preferences.

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“There is nobody who is sabotaging President Ruto, he is the person who is sabotaging our institutions,” he said.

Speaking in Nyando Sub County on Tuesday during the burial of the son of Luo Council of Elders chairman Odungi Randa, who passed away on Christmas Eve, Orengo advised Kenyans to brace themselves for challenging times and take necessary steps to improve their lives.

Orengo offered his condolences to Ker Odungi, who is grieving the loss of his second-born child, suspected to be a suicide.

Additionally, Orengo urged the government not to employ state machinery to create divisions within the Luo Council of Elders. He voiced his support for Nyandiko Ong’adi, who claims to be the legitimate ‘Ker’ of the Luo community.

“The courage that the other team is getting to do what they are doing is the encouragement they are receiving from offices in Harambee House and we are going to call them out,” he said.

Orengo emphasized that there is no conflicting leadership within the Luo community, asserting that the community will remain united.

He suggested the construction of a palace for the ‘Ker’ in Kisumu, similar to the structures seen in other kingdoms across various African nations.

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“This is now the 9th Ker, what we need to do is to build a palace and parliament hall in Kisumu where ‘Ker’ can meet the elder,” he said.

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‘President Ruto Sabotaging Himself’ – Orengo



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