Ex – President Uhuru Kenyatta family raise alarm over alleged grabbing of their land in Eastleigh


Ex – President Uhuru Kenyatta family raise alarm over alleged grabbing of their land in Eastleigh

A family with links to former President Uhuru Kenyatta has expressed concern about the alleged theft of their property in Eastleigh, Nairobi County, calling for intervention and justice.

According to the disgruntled family, unnamed developers grabbed the contested property in Eastleigh soon after President Kenyatta retired in 2022.

The developers allegedly blocked the family’s access to their lawful land by erecting a fence around the property.


Expressing their distress, one family member lamented, “When our father was alive, we were being compensated for our land. That building erected there, who are they paying?”

Kamu Muigai, the former president’s cousin, said that the family contacted the developers shortly after work began, only to be greeted with rejection and hostility.

The developers allegedly advised them to pursue legal action via the judicial system.

In an effort to seek reparation, the afflicted family has requested that Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Land Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome intervene and enable the restoration of their property.

This conflict is indicative of a larger concern raised by a Kenya Land Alliance study published in January 2023.

The investigation revealed disturbing numbers, revealing that more than 200,000 land titles had been obtained via illegal land grabs since the country’s independence.

The Kenya Land Alliance underscored the urgency of the problem, using statistics from the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), which estimates the number of land-grabbing occurrences.

The organization condemned the growth of land-grabbing cases, stressing that such operations undermine the security of land tenure across the country.

This recent event, which draws attention to the Kenyatta family’s misery, emphasizes the critical need for strong measures to handle property disputes and protect the rights of legitimate landowners.

In reaction to the mounting situation, authorities are being encouraged to take swift action to end the conflict and punish individuals guilty for illegal land acquisition accountable.

Efforts to seek justice for the Kenyatta family are a litmus test for Kenya’s commitment to defending property rights and opposing illegal land grabs.

As the family continues to seek help via official means, their situation serves as a sharp reminder of the country’s persistent difficulties with property ownership and tenure.

With the nation’s attention focused on this growing tale, the outcome of this conflict will have far-reaching ramifications for Kenya’s larger fight against land grabbing and the preservation of property rights.

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Ex – President Uhuru Kenyatta family raise alarm over alleged grabbing of their land in Eastleigh



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