President William Ruto Addresses Concerns Over Land Grabbing in Njiru


President William Ruto Addresses Concerns Over Land Grabbing in Njiru

What William Ruto Said About Land Grabbing

President William Ruto has voiced his concerns regarding the imminent eviction of numerous families residing on disputed land in Njiru, Nairobi County. In his statement, he emphasized the troubling issue of land grabbing, as follows:

“The Environment and Lands Court recently ordered people living on 1,000 acres of land in Njiru to vacate by December 31 after finding that it belongs to the late billionaire Gerishon Kirima’s family.”

President Ruto’s Stance on Land Grabbing

On October 26, President Ruto decried the escalating occurrences of land grabbing across the country, condemning acts of impunity where individuals falsify land titles to deceive Kenyans. He urged affected families to explore negotiation with the Kirima family as the preferred method to avoid eviction, asserting:

“What we must get rid of in the country is impunity. We all must play by the rules, and we are all equal. The people who are willing to negotiate should do so; that is the best way to go about it.”

Babu Owino’s Critique and Call for Supreme Court Intervention

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In the midst of this controversy, Babu Owino, the Embakasi East MP, strongly criticized a recent ruling by the Environment and Lands Court concerning the 1,000 acres of disputed land in Njiru.

He challenged Justice Samson Okong’o’s verdict, which declared Kirima’s family as the rightful owners of the contested land, and pledged to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. Babu Owino asserted:

“In the judgment delivered yesterday, the judge erred in saying land does not belong to Embakasi East. As it stands, we will appeal against this decision. Because this is a matter of public interest, it must go to the Supreme Court, and this piece of land must be given to my people through adverse possession.”

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President William Ruto Addresses Concerns Over Land Grabbing in Njiru



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