PS Korir Sing’oei comes under fire for ‘lecturing’ Speaker on Somaliland policy


PS Korir Sing’oei comes under fire for ‘lecturing’ Speaker on Somaliland policy

Principal Secretary Korir Sing’oei of Foreign Affairs has rebuked Senate Speaker Amason Kingi through a veiled message, suggesting Kingi’s meddling with Foreign Affairs matters.

Korir criticized the senate speaker in a post on his official X app account (previously Twitter) in response to Kingi’s post titled “Promoting ties between Kenya and Somaliland.”

”Kenya and the republic of Somaliland enjoy ties that stretch back to days under British colonial rule which bequeathed them almost similar systems and structures of governance at independence,” posted Kingi.

“We deliberated on the need to enhance trade between Kenya and Somaliland by facilitating easy movement of people and commodities between the two countries,” he added.


Korir, expressing concerns about Kingi’s post, emphasized that foreign policy falls under the jurisdiction of the National government.

He reminded Kingi that Parliament’s role is clearly defined as providing oversight to the executive branch of the government in such matters.

”Respectful Reminder that Foreign policy of the Republic is a function of National Government. Parliament’s role in foreign policy is oversight on the exercise of foreign relations by the national government,” posted the Foreign Affairs PS.

Additionally, Korir raised objections to Kingi’s acknowledgment of Somaliland as a state, asserting that Kenya officially recognizes only the Federal Republic of Somalia as a sovereign state.

“It is Kenya’s established and unchanging foreign policy, consistent with the African Union, that only the Federal Republic of Somalia is the recognized State entity. Somaliland, a region within the Federal Republic of Somalia, has a liaison office for commercial purposes in Nairobi. This office is not an embassy,” he continued.

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PS Korir Sing’oei comes under fire for ‘lecturing’ Speaker on Somaliland policy



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